Tracey Hennessey was a HUGE help to us!

My wife and I were moving from New York to California and looking to buy a house here. Though we had purchased real estate in NY before, the process in CA was very different and completely unfamiliar. Tracey spent a lot of time with us and did a great job of explaining where things were different and making us feel comfortable that we were handling everything properly. When we found a house we loved, but with a difficult seller, Tracey was great, and at times seemed more willing to walk away than we were. This was true even when we nearly had a deal-breaking issue right at the finish line. We never felt ANY pressure from her to go ahead in order to close a deal. Also, because we were moving from so far away, we necessarily leaned on Tracey a lot for logistical issues along the way. She could not have been more accommodating and helpful, both before and after the deal was completed. I can?t emphasize this point enough. She was a HUGE help to us, and always happy to run over to the house whenever we needed her to. Her no-pressure approach and eagerness to help any way she can make you feel that Tracey cares and is interested in a long-term relationship, not just earning a commission. My wife and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking at SoCal real estate